Many times I have been asked “What is a Corporate Concierge and what do you do?” I ran across this article posted by “wiseGeek” and written by Cassie L. Damewood on May 1, 2015. Their tag line is “clear answers for common questions”.

“A corporate concierge caters to the needs of business clientele much like a hotel concierge takes care of hotel guests. They normally help staff employees a well as managers and executives in procuring services for business activities and personal enjoyment to enable them to concentrate on their work without the distractions of everyday living. A number of large companies have a corporate concierge on staff, although the majority of people in this position have their own companies or work as independent contractors.”

She continued to state:

“If they are under a long-term contract with a company, the concierge is normally required to arrange all company parties and corporate festivities as well. After meeting with key personal to determine their wants and needs, the concierge typically hires the caterer, chooses a menu, arranges the entertainment and rents a venue. If gifts are required for an event, they are normally the person who purchases them and delivers them to the event, nicely wrapped and tagged.”

And yes, that is what we do and more….

Regards to you and a balance life!