The New York Times featured an article on the “Business Day” page, called “My Personal To-Do List? The Concierge Has It.” I appreciated the emphasis that a concierge is not for only a small percentage of the world. An employee of Mercedes-Benz USA worked in the warehouse. This is what he had to say “Since I work out in the warehouse, I’m not on a computer, I might have had to take some time off from work to research and plan my honeymoon.” So he called his concierge service that is a free benefit to Mercedes-Benz USA employees. The article went on to say “In an effort to improve productivity, some companies are turning to personal concierge services.” “The idea is let someone else plan employees  trips-both for work and leisure-find them a plumber or a dog sitter, or chose where to take their car for an oil change.” “Typically, the word “concierge” has a luxurious ring to it, but personal concierge are not used only by the one percent looking to charter private jets.” “Concierge Services used to be associated with the white-glove service of bringing you a lobster at 4 a.m., but the new concierge is more about saving time.”


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